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My Passion Is To Empower and Inspire

I know firsthand about trying to work through personal and professional transitions, overcome challenges and live with a sense of ease, while also attempting to achieve mindset shifts , develop strategic goals and work towards your dreams. 

Over the past 20 years I’ve moved country multiple times, lost weight, gained weight, married the love of my life, healed traumas, failed at a few attempts to open my own business, had 5 beautiful children, suffered losses and grief, continued on with my studies and all while working full time as an emergency nurse.

While working in the emergency department I’ve been at the forefront of people’s lives as they experience trauma both emotional and physical and the same time some of these events have added to my own emotional scars. I came to a crossroads both mentally and professionally in my life. While I still enjoyed my job, my mindset had shifted and my dreams and goals had evolved. This left me searching for new passions, purpose and dreams.

A whole new adventure began. I have soaked up fitness practices, healthy eating regimes, spiritual principles, meditation practices, massage courses and that has led me discover my true passion.  ‘To empower and inspire people on their life adventure, so they can discover their passion and purpose, and fulfill their dreams and live a successful and abundant life.’

I know what it’s like to feel lost. I’ve experienced those challenges too. Its exhausting to always be consumed by the thoughts and expectations of others. I’ve had to dig deeply and do the inner work to change my mindset to tap into my resourcefulness. I’ve committed to learning to take charge of my own life and, it’s a continuous adventure.

Secret Self is about finding the real you in your life adventure.
Are you ready to rediscover your inner passions and uncover your hidden dreams.

Together we will shine the light on new mindsets to free you from unhelpful patterns.
We will identify the barriers to your success and create action plans for you to overcome them.
You will come to see that your obstacles are really portals to something better.

Along my journey I have discovered lots of treasures and resources to empower me.
I have taken time to hand select some tools to inspire you on your journey of self discovery and dream fulfillment.

Let’s talk! It would be my pleasure to empower you to create meaningful, passionate and purposeful change in your life. 

 Love and Light


Secret Self