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Cleansing - Reiki Charged Pillar Candle - Secret Self
Cleansing - Reiki Charged Pillar Candle - Secret Self
Cleansing - Reiki Charged Pillar Candle - Secret Self

Cleansing - Reiki Charged Pillar Candle

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  • White Sage, White Thyme, White Birch and Hyssop

I invite the pure, divine energy to cleanse my mind, body and spirit. May it fill me with clear light that I may shine out onto the world.

An all-white candle with a lemongrass, sage and cypress blend. Cleanse your spirit of confusion – open up to all possibilities. The only things that may stop us from attaining our goals are our self-limiting thoughts and self¬sabotage. These spiritual limitations come from your every experience and your reaction to it, from hanging onto past traumas and old beliefs. It also comes from interacting with spiritually poor and emotionally unbalanced people who want a piece of your brilliance.

When the time is right to visit your sacred space, allow us to enlighten the journey. Each of our magic candles has been designed with a specific intention using a unique blend of essential oils by Crystal Journey. Each candle comes with an affirmation and inspirational message.

  • 1½" x 7".

We suggest that you always charge your candle before lighting it by using the affirmation supplied with the candle and then expand upon it based on your specific situation. Sit in a quiet place, hold the candle in your hands and visualize the area in your life you want changed. This will personalize your connection with the candle and allow the needed energy to come to you in a more direct manner.

All of our products are vegan and made from the finest waxes and purest blends of essential oils. The wicks are made from paper and cotton only.

Use these aromatherapy candles for relaxing to music, or sitting in your sacred space.
Use them to create an enlighten space. Also ideal for use as a meditation candle, stress relief candle, home cleansing candle, bath candles, spiritual healing candles, yoga candles. 
Caution : Please remove all packaging prior to burning candles!