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Focus and Attention Program, The (9CD)

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The endless intrusion of notification chimes and pop-up windows do more than distract us in the moment—they put our nervous system on constant alert so we have trouble focusing even when we’re away from devices and screens. With The Focus and Attention Program, Jeff Strong brings you a powerful and effortless audio solution to restore your brain’s powers of concentration and mental clarity.

Using the clinically proven Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI) technology, this program incorporates drum patterns at varying tempos to raise your general level of neurological alertness and progressively shift your brain into an optimal state of consciousness for reading, studying, driving, or for any task requiring single-pointed attention. This comprehensive program features:

– Eight passive listening sessions to restore and enhance your mental acuity over a period of eight weeks
– The Focus and Attention Program Manual, including FAQs and resources for ongoing support
– Free video support and progress tracking
– The full support of The Strong Institute staff available on call


Title: CD: Focus and Attention Program, The (9CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Jeff Strong
ISBN: 9781622037711
Format: CD