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Healing Kit - Secret Self

Healing Kit

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Healing Kit comprises 5 selected crystals to assist healing of body and spirit.

Clear Quartz – the most powerful healer, believed to stimulate the immune system and relieve pain

Sunstone - provides confidence, optimism and self healing
Calcite - a powerful healer, purifies, cleanses, revitalises and boosts the immune system
Obsidian - balance the mind and spirit, dissolves fear, pain and tension, clears negative energy
Aventurine - healer of the heart, mind and soul, brings well being

Kits can be placed under a pillow, in a pocket or a handbag, and can be used by anyone, of any age.

Stones in these packs may vary from time to time, depending on availability. 
Colour of the bag may be different from the one in the photo.