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Herbal ginger tea - Secret Self
Herbal ginger tea - Secret Self

Herbal ginger tea

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This spicy ginger extract is an elegant, first grade quality trendy tea drink. 

* Pack of 10 sachets of sugar-free spicy ginger tea extract (customized available)
* Low-temerature extraction, perfectly keeps the tea leave’s origin aroma, taste and flavor
* Nano-level, nutrients more readily absorbed by human body
* Gluten free/ No calories/ Zero fat
* An excellent source of healthy antioxidants

Product Name
Spicy Ginger Tea Extract
Botanical Name
Ginger & Black Tea Leaves
Plant Part
Ginger& Leaf(Dried,100% pure)
Active Ingredients
Gingembre,Tea Polyphenol, Tea Polysaccharides, Caffeine, Amino Acid
Light-brown Crystal
Ginger Smell
Slightly Spicy
Just Add to 200-250ml Water (Hot or Warm)
Main Function
1. Treating  nausea;
2. Relieving  stress & exhaustion;
3. Fighting chills;
4.Promotes blood circulation;
5.Warms hands and feet.