Lemon Green Tea - Secret Self
Lemon Green Tea - Secret Self

Lemon Green Tea

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Why this tea?

 Trendy healthy drink even on the go

100% natural ingredient

0 gluten free/0 fat/0 calorie

Hot/warm/cold water soluble

Daily-must hydration for big business



Product Name

Top quality EGCG 100% Natural Premium Lemon Tea Green Tea Extract Powder  


Green tea & Lemon


Natural Extract Concentrate Crystal


Simply Add 200-300ml Hot/Warm/Cold Water, or add to bottled water

Retail Packages

   10-sachet Delicate Paper Box                                                     


Tea Polyphenols, L-Theanine, Tea Polysaccharides, The0phylline, etc.

Healthy Benefits

Source of Antioxidant;                                                                 Body Hydration;                                                                           Boost Imunity;                                                                             Lower Cholesterol Level                                                             Energy Drink for Refreshing

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