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Mindful Meditation Mastery - Secret Self

Mindful Meditation Mastery

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Did you know that you and I will have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts today? 98% of these thoughts are the same as yesterday. 70% of them will be negative thinking. Which means, most of us live our day to day talking down to ourselves! We abuse ourselves with negative thoughts that not only limit our growth in life but also damage our body. When I found out about this fact, I decided to turn my mind from an enemy into a friend.

I promised myself that I would never let my mind put down my ambitions, goals, and dreams. Instead, my mind will be the supportive friend that guides me towards those desires. That’s when I started to improve my relationship with myself and discovered mindful meditation.


According to research, mindful meditation has been shown to bring positive effects to both the body and mind. Obviously, it reduces stress and anxiety. What’s remarkable is that it also improves immune function and reduces inflammation, which means you are less prone to disease and pain. Scientists also found that it increased the gray-matter density in the part of your brain associated with compassion and learning.

8 weeks of meditation was enough to make the patients more focused and more loving. Isn’t it wonderful how the simple act of meditation can transform you into a productive person who everyone likes being around? Within us is the power to become ten times better than what we are now and yet everyone is asleep! 

What You'll Learn In this Ebook- 

How to Practice Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation and Relationships

Successful People Who Meditate

The Inner Joy That Everyone Is Born With

The state of mind Ancient Greeks Called “Henosis”; One Pointed Awareness

And MANY more…