Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards - Secret Self
Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards - Secret Self
Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards - Secret Self
Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards - Secret Self
Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards - Secret Self
Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards - Secret Self
Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards - Secret Self
Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards - Secret Self

Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards

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The Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards are a powerhouse spiritual tool designed to help you explore the deepest parts of your soul. Embark on a spiritual journey into the dynamic potential of your soul with thirty-eight universal principles that guide you with clarity and a new positive direction.

These Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards help you discover, transform and awaken your soul to become the hero you were destined to be.

Are you struggling to find your life’s purpose? Do you feel lost or ‘stuck’ in your life? You may hear an inner voice guiding you, but maybe you’re confused or scared to move forward in your new direction. Are you seeking clarity and direction? Do you need help with relationship issues? Do you need answers now?

I understand how challenging life circumstances can be, and I truly care about you and don’t want you to struggle in life when you should be having fun.

You have the power to reach your highest heroic potential and these Soul Wisdom Oracle cards will help you achieve that! You came here to make a difference—to sing your own unique soul song, and to shine your creative gifts into the world.


•  Unlock and open your mind to reveal the answers to life’s mysteries.

•  Establish an intimate connection to your soul.

•  Access guidance, inspiration, and clear direction.

•  Open up the communication channels to your soul.

•  Transcend limitations and fear by awakening to the infinite power and joy of your soul.

•  Transform fear into confidence and action.

These cards will guide you into the wisdom and guidance of your soul. Inside the portal of your soul is the seed of intuitive perception. You will learn how to communicate and listen to the cosmic voice of your soul, which is the direct pathway that will guide you towards your destiny.

As you learn and apply the scientific metaphysical wisdom from these highly charged cards, infused with Divine light. You will understand the universal laws that transcend all limitations, and you experience life getting easier along with sparked creativity.  You’ll break through the old limiting stories from the past, as you take a flying leap towards consciously creating your new soul story.

Each card has a story and message to share about a specific topic. By using evocative images and symbols pertaining to the topic, you are able to subconsciously tap into deep underlying messages.

Reawakening the Soul Wisdom Oracle Deck is a Journey to Discover & Express Your True Nature as an Infinite Soul.


38-Card Deck, FIRST EDITION, Artist, Sundara Fawn. Original Art, Writing, Graphic Design and Layout created exclusively by the artist.

CARDS – 3.5″wide x 5″ long beautiful vibrant art with gold leaf accents on both sides of cards. ­­

33 – Soul Cards containing spiritual soul messages from Universal Principles, along with 5 –   Elemental Cards (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether) to utilize supporting energies of consciousness.

1 – Colored Guidebook – Offers the Card Message, Introspection Questions, Affirmation and Inspirational Quote for each card.

1 – Gorgeous Card Box