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Tree of Life Oracle, The - Secret Self

Tree of Life Oracle, The

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The Oracle is a unique set of cards that works with you no matter what your level of spirituality. It is an honest deck for when you need profound direction. The Oracle empowers the individual user to find their own answers.

The Oracle cards comes with a 48 page book that provides guidance to the user in interpreting and understanding the Oracle message.

“The Tree of Life Oracle reaches for and grabs at the heart the moment the first card is pulled. Roz is a pioneer in the truest sense of the word, offering arguably the world’s purest, most untainted and honest deck of cards. These cards are awesome and I am proud to have my very own signed set” – Scott Alexander King


Title: IC: Tree of Life Oracle, The
Publisher: Ros Tilley
Author: Roz Tilley
Format: Cards
Publication Date: 01/07/2013