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Unicorn Rising

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A gentle and fun guide to ascending with the unicorns, expressing your true self, and discovering more joy, play, and love in life.

Do you see Unicorns everywhere? Have you noticed that Unicorns are appearing more and more in modern culture? The Unicorn energy is coming through right now to help those who are ready to raise their vibration and start living a life that is true to them.

In this book, healer and intuitive Calista explains what the energy of the Unicorns symbolises, why it is appearing strongly at this time in history and what the Unicorns can help you with. This includes:

– accepting, expressing, and celebrating your authentic personality
– having fun, standing strong, and expressing yourself freely
– breaking free of anything that binds you
– receiving healing where you need it – your finances, career, health, or relationships
– raising your standards in every area of your life and never settling for less

Unicorn Rising is a guide on ascending consciousness. It escorts the reader into their soul with ways to live their path, power, and purpose. Fun, enthralling, and original, this book weaves relatable stories of breakthrough, with quick transforming exercises, uplifting artwork, energetic attunements, meditations, and self-reflective questions for meeting your own Unicorn guides. Insights from the nature spirits, angels, and Mother Earth blend with fresh, practical ways to love from soul, as soul. You will gain deeper clarity of your unique path and purpose, while feeling empowered to make the changes necessary to live a fulfilling life. A warm, compassionate, and empowering book to help you experience deeper levels of freedom, joy, play, and love in your life!



Title: Unicorn Rising
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Calista
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/08/2018